Pierluigi Slis

Twelve stars

Wood, electric motors, rubber
Motta di Livenza, La castella - 2014

Twelve mechanisms in a random loop stretch to the maximum a rubber band and then release it making it collapse, until the mechanisms collapse.


Deja vù

Performance and environmental installation
Piazza Flaminio, Serravalle, Vittorio Veneto – 2012

I prepared a huge, open air room with forty beds, forty bedside tables and forty table lamps.
I selected some voulenteers who didn’t know each others, following determinate features. The voulenteers wearing a pijama have experienced the situation for a night.



Impossible project of social transformation.
Dolomiti Contemporanee - 2014

A brave position is not contemplate
neither before an imminent disaster,
nor after the awareness of the irreparable
… not even for hypothesis




Stone, asphalt - action and environmental installation
Verona Reload, S. Pancrazio -2011

Ph.: Nico Covre

I wanted to plow this space once again destined for a public function, thus marking a border, a customs.


Mezzo pubblico e mezzo mio

Motion detectors, sounds, bird songs, videos
environmental installation
Teatro Verdi, Pordenone 2013

Songs of birds spread in a square proportionally to the number of people that run through it.

Cargo Collective